If that which is worthy has become marginalized, normalize it.
If that which is unworthy has become normalized,



With self-publishing so accessible now, are there good reasons for you to work with Tiwaz Press? See what you think. Here is what we can provide for you and your book:

  •  Outstanding developmental editing
  •  A cover design created by our talented in-house artist
  •  A fun and edgy marketing campaign inspired by the principles of grassroots activism
  •  Careful copyediting and proofreading
  •  Relief from having to do the exasperating file conversion process yourself

We’re a trio of radicals with guts, passion and a vision of glory. We treat you, our writers, like the cultural leaders that you are, and we consider you our financial partners. We’re committed to maintaining fair and equitable relationships with all our stakeholders. In fact we are out to set the standard in business ethics for the publishing industry.

We primarily market to book buyers who support issues of environmental and social justice and who advocate for freedom from religious coercion. We are also willing to look at manuscripts that aren’t targeted toward our main readers if they really jump out and grab our attention.

We want to see stories about defying tyranny… and winning. We embrace the epic, the heroic, the mythic. We like books that challenge cultural assumptions. We like criticism that yields no quarter to imperialist ideologies: political, religious, academic, or personal. And of course, we like a good story, one that moves your intended readers toward what you, the writer, want them to feel. Or give us a well-presented social critique, one that inspires your particular readers to action. We have pretty broad tastes, so if you’ve got something you want us to see, but it doesn’t seem like it fits into anything we’ve mentioned here, go ahead and send it to us. Just make sure you can tell us who you wrote your manuscript for and how they will respond to it. We will consider just about any category or genre.

And by the way, feel free to visit our imprint TýrsDay Publishing.

We invite you to now come meet our acquisitions editors:


Hey there, writers. I’m cool with just about any genre, but the story should resonate with our overarching themes at Tiwaz Press - environmental and social justice. For example, you can send me a romance, but give your story a high-stakes context like resistance to oppression.

I’m sympathetic to LGBT+ concerns. Specifically, I am looking for a story here that represents true life. Everyone deserves representation that depicts actuality, not stereotypical ideology.

I may also be open to graphic novels, poetry, or other forms of writing. So, if you have any ideas, don't hesitate to send an inquiry to my inbox.


EMAIL: B.Daniel@TiwazPress.com

Nature is my calling, my constant. Herbalism, kitchen magic and gemology are topics I'll always welcome. I enjoy more fiction than non-fiction, and tend to dwell in literary and historical pieces. I love novels set in a period before modern technology that focus on the times and the introspection of characters. An interest of mine is mythologies, specifically those indigenous to the Americas. 


EMAIL: R.Sterling@TiwazPress.com

My favorite genres are fantasy adventure and magical realism. I like a little ambiguity. Think: Leslie Marmon Silko in her short story, “Yellow Woman.”

I'm very interested in promoting any of the topics below. Non-fiction, at first glance, but most could easily be explored in a fictional context, as well. Or if there's something else that you're excited about writing, you can send me an email and we'll discuss it.

  • The Faroes: an overview in English of the traditional local culture written by a Faroe Islander. Should at least include cuisine, ring dancing, the folk ballads, and the whale hunt. A series is preferable, but I'll take one volume if that's all I can get. Fine if you want to encourage tourism.

  • An exploration of the points of unity between the radical left and the radical right. Or… compare, contrast, synthesize if you like. I’m especially intrigued by such thinkers as Derrick Jensen in Endgame, and Paul Waggener in his War Journal blog.

  • An introduction to the Danza Azteca from a practitioner’s point of view. Both Spanish and English texts will be considered.

  • Here’s something to think about. The first-century followers of Jesus of Nazareth waged ideological warfare against Roman imperial theology (see especially, J. Dominic Crossan's God and Empire, and Ched Myers' Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark's Story of Jesus). They had a fine strategy, admirable courage and a wicked sense of humor. But they failed. Within a few hundred years the movement sold out the teachings of its original leaders for political power and wealth. Why? How did the Jesus movement come to adopt the very spirit that it once set out to destroy?

  • General interests: the pagan renaissance, rewilding, anarcho-primitivism, homesteading and hunting, zero-carb lifestyle.


EMAIL: Anderson@TiwazPress.com

Would you like to further explore our values? If so, some books we would have proudly offered in our catalogue had someone else not already published them, include the following:


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