Submissions are open!


You want to find a publisher that you would feel comfortable working with. We want to find writers who share our values. So ask yourself this:

Who was I writing for when I put so much of my time and effort into producing this manuscript? Are the readers I’ve reached out to the same people that that exuberant and unrepentant publishing upstart called Tiwaz Press is in business to serve?

This consideration is the heart of our submissions process.


Subject line of your email should include the book title and author name. (You can find the email addresses of each acquisitions editor on the A-Team page.)


The text of your email will be your QUERY LETTER.

There is no need for you to market yourself to us. There is no need for you even to market your book to us. The marketing ball is in our court; we'll score.

Sell us, instead, on Your Reader. Describe that person, their needs, their reactions to your book. Show us that you know her intimately, that you know him as well as you know the characters in your story. Or, as the case may be, as well as you know the factual materials you've woven together to support your position. Or, otherwise, as thoroughly as you understand the strategy for waging your ideological war.

Convince us that your reader is one of our people. Game on.


Attach your SYNOPSIS as a Microsoft Word file.

Yes, we want a synopsis. Length is your decision. We prefer short.

Include in this document the exact word count of your manuscript, as well as your contact info: name, mailing address, phone and email.


Attach the complete FINAL draft of your MANUSCRIPT as a Microsoft Word file.


FORMATTING: In no way are we interested in knowing whether or not you can follow penny-ante instructions. We want to know if you can write, and we want to know what your core values are. We can always fix font; we can’t fix a dishonorable heart. So, we’ll generally keep it simple here. As in -- rely on your good judgement and common sense.

If you’re not sure which acquisitions editor to send your submission packet to, ask. We welcome any questions or comments about our submission requirements.